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The Optometry-Evolution Website is in its final stages of having a complete redesign and rebrand.

Thanks to everyone who showed interest in this work at Eyecare 2018 – the new website will hopefully be online very soon so keep a look out for this!

The new design will take the site ahead into 2018 with lots more clinical content to be added throughout the year. Also look out for the launch of the Emergency Eye Resource Pack – a complete training and reference pack to help support staff respond to emergency situations and helping to get patients seen urgently.


Welcome to the Optometry-Evolution – home of The Eye Safety Card, optometry blog articles and much more other content to support the optometry profession!

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NEW – Glaucoma Detection – Free PDF

Free Download to aid glaucoma detection in situations outside the normal Primary Open Angle cases. Click on the image below to visit this blog post.

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Feature Article – Supporting Visually Impaired Patients in Optometry Practice. In association with VisionAid Technologies. Read this article by selecting this from the list of posts below.


Free Low Vision PDF Download

Click on image below to visit the download pageScreen Shot 2017-09-04 at 20.40.37

New Lectures Available Via World Council of Optometry Portal

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Click on this image to access the link to this 1hr lecture

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Click on this image to access this lecture – suitable for optometry students or others learning to refract

Recent Blog Posts:

metallic foreign body


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Practice Pack of Eye Safety Cards proving very popular. This is a pack of 5 cards to have throughout your practice. To order, please visit ‘Buy Eye Safety Cards’ page on the menu.

Article on ‘Pharmacy in Practice’

Delighted to have linkup with colleagues in the Pharmacy profession, with a brief article about the role of pharmacists in detecting serious eye conditions and how the Eye Safety Card can help them recognise these emergencies.

Linkup with innovative App for healthcare professionals

Digitalis CPD – developed by GP, Dr Nick Harvey, this app is an innovative product for healthcare professionals to help log and share their CPD activity. Nick is currently looking at ways of developing this to be of increasingly relevant and useful to optometrists.




Viewer numbers for Optometry-Evolution are ever increasing. In May we have seen over 1000 visitors from all over the world. Since the start of 2017 Optometry-Evolution has had visitors from 57 countries globally. Many thanks to everyone for checking out the material and resources I post on here, and hopefully it is useful, wherever you are!

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